Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer hugs

Pork roast in to roast: check
Laundry caught up &/or hidden away: check
Welcome basket of goodies ready for placement: check
House reasonably ready for 9 people and 6 dogs for 3 days: whatever

It's the quiet of the morning here. I've been up since before five (not a normal occurance, I assure you:) doing last minute things getting ready for the great summer visit of 2008. My kids are still sleeping, sister's kids are alseep in the camper. I will be leaving a note of things for said children to accomplish while Diane and I trot off to the airport in rush hour to pick up our daddy. My how things have changed. Not so many years ago, it was him coming to pick us up at the airport in rush hour.

I will never forget the feeling of his hug when we got off of that plane. Months would pass and I would not see him, maybe not even really hear from him. We didn't have internet back then (gasp:) and writing letters when you are a child is really just more homework. But... I would get out of that plane and there he would be. My dad is not really the demonstrative type. Doesn't express his feelings much, and isn't generally very huggy. Guess I get that from him. BUT... that hug said it all. He would hold on like he had been waiting his whole life to fold me into his arms. Oh, and it isn't a perfunctory quick "hi" hug that we southerners are known for... it is a real, genuine, "where have you BEEN, I've missed you SO MUCH" kind of hug. I get another one just before he leaves and he knows that it will be months before we see each other again. Sometimes, when I am in a little girl moment in my mind and I am not sure if I really matter to him, those hugs are there, reminding me.

Have a good weekend all, I'll be busy with my DAD!!

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rthling said...

Those are the BEST hugs!