Monday, August 18, 2008

Stop the celebration already!!!

I case you are wondering. I haven't got a call from the bank yet. They said two weeks, which we all know means, " we need time to think; don't call" and yet I am hopeful. One of the ladies at the interview looked over at the bank manager and said something to the effect of, "she's been home schooling for years; clearly she is very organized"... if she only knew how much:)

Moving on... Yes, my sweet church friends, we missed last night. Just let me say that all of this "back to school" celebration is killing my getting back to school schedule. Would someone please look into the faces of these teenagers. THEY ARE EXHAUSTED! Week ago Sunday night was a service devoted to the teens and all about their summer activities, Wednesday night was a special "back to school bash" with food, bull riding (not sure how that fits), preaching, music, etc. And because my kid is home schooled, which is code for "doesn't really do anything," she was one of the ones staying late to clean up. Got to bed an hour and a half late that night. Then, this weekend was the "back to school" leadership conference for kids with leadership potential. They spent the whole weekend working on a mission project and staying up late each night. Followed by the special speaker last night who I really would have liked to hear, teaching about discipleship of our teens. When we got home from morning church yesterday, I looked at Bethany and said, "you are in for the day". She only had the energy to pout. Make no mistake, she wasn't happy... she was just too tired to argue the point.

Even my seven year old nephew that I watch in the afternoon is exhausted. He comes in from school and flakes out on my couch; we go out to the pool and he flakes out on the chaise; we put him at the table for a snack and he flakes out in his lunchable. You get the point.

After years of home schooling I have learned the magic word. Are you ready?? Here it is... MOMENTUM. If we start out dragging in the morning, the day is shot. If we start out dragging on Monday morning, the week is shot. Let me just say here that we are in the TENTH grade this year. Don't judge me until you are there:) We may find ourselves missing a number of Sunday nights in order to get a good start on Monday morning, so I apologize here for those I may offend.

Speaking of which, I have ten minutes to get off of this computer before she boots me off:)

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