Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So much to do... so little time.

Dad will be here two weeks from Friday. I need to paint the kitchen and finish the trim that is taunting me with its one coat. I need to get some blinds for the kitchen since I refused to put back up the ones that were here when we moved in. Previous owners were smokers; do you have ANY idea what nicotine does to vinyl blinds AND the strings that support them? Up until now, we have just made a conscience effort not to be naked in the kitchen... Hasn't been TOO hard. But, with Dad coming I just sort of feels like it should look finished; not that I anticipate nakedness with Dad here.

I need to clean and get all of the laundry caught up. I need to finish cleaning out the shop and install the windows and window air conditioner (gotta reason, I'll explain later:) I need to install a clothesline and the fence on the last side of the yard (okay, I don't think that's gonna get done:)

Diane is going to pull her camper over here so that we can park it just outside the back door by the swimming/company bathroom. I spose we will have fun setting up a little cabin getaway with the fridge stocked with his diet drinks and other little happy surprises to make him want to come back (i mean- feel at home). I LOVE having company.

On a side note, yesterday Bethany came running in the house after taking Schatzi out for a little potty time, screaming that the pump on the pool had exploded. Oh great... just what I need now that I have priced the curriculum, music lessons, uniforms, supplies, etc. for the new school year. Not to mention that Brian's birthday just happens to be this month, Dad is coming, and Hubby has the entire last week of the month off for "vacation"... code for swim and eat. whatever.

I ran out to check said pump and found that it was working. If you call pumping all of the water out of the pool and on to the yard, working. fantastic. I flipped off the pump (by the switch, duh!), and took apart the filter to see what was wrong. Really, I was pretending to know what to do, because I am pretty sure that they never mentioned this one in bookkeeping class. Everything looked fine to me, with the exception of the water all over the grass and the pool several inches below the skimmer. oops... hope we didn't burn up the pump, since it is supposed to pump water, not air. I filled the pool back up to the proper level, put the filter back together and flipped it back on. TADA! Worked like a charm. I didn't even know that I could fix a pool.

I AM a genius. I have been telling my children this for years.


rthling said...

So what was wrong with the pump?
And what kind of goodies we gonna hide?

HappyChristian said...

I think it takes a long while before the children realize how smart we really are. I cannot count how many times over this past year that mine have realized that I was once a child and I did such and such before in my life or I've been to someplace. They're starting to think I'm cool-yeah I know it won't last, but don't burst my bubble today! :)

My Goodness said...

Whew! I'm so glad the pump wasn't wasted!

You have a lot going on...
The 'camper-cabine-getaway' sounds neat...he will have a nice place all to himself...that's cool!!

See ya later!

Joanna said...

Grab some chocolate - you've earned it!