Monday, August 4, 2008

School days

It's official. I have joined the ranks of the Tipton County rednecks. You know how I know?? Last week I got my dump pass. Never had one of those before. The dump out here is just past the giant pine tree with a confederate flag attached to the tippy top. Definately Dixie. Can't wait to take dad... Oh, and be careful when you tell people about your dump pass. You forget either one or both of those p's and momma will wash your mouth out:)

For those who were frantically wringing their hands about the decisions I was making about school... We have answers! Yippee:) Veritas was a go for high school humanities (Bible, English, & History) but not enough yet for math and science so I am not completely off the hook yet. But this is a very happy medium for a long term home school momma with a high potential for burn out. We have spent the last couple of days scouring the internet for math and science options. We have been using Abeka DVD's for several years, but we don't want to just use what we know if there is something we are missing. I think that we have settled on Apologia for Biology and Saxon for Algebra II. Saxon has this cool CD rom thingy that is new, to go with the text. A little chalkboard comes up on the computer and shows how the steps work, which is good since baby girl has exceeded her mother in the math department. She has a pretty high GPA in Alg I this year, so I think that she will be fine. If not, we will be checking onto our local tutoring establishment. I heard that they are pretty good. Hopefully word will spread about the Veritas by next year and she can take Chemistry and Advanced Math THERE!! She is also excited about the possibility of doing a little dual enrollment her senior year. That is really the long term goal. I told you that I had a thing about a five year plan:)

The good news is that math and science is what we have been stressing about not being finished with so we can relax, work hard, complete our lessons & tests at a reasonable pace and just start our new Biology and Alg II when we are really ready. Wow! I can feel my insides untangling at the thought.

She is so cute. I have been home schooling Bethany since the first grade. She is SO excited about going shopping for school supplies and uniform shirts and a backpack. It's not like she has never had school supplies and back packs, but she has never done the whole "school shopping extravaganza" before. I remember the excitement for shopping for supplies and clothes every fall. The fights that my parents would have about the money...they were divorced and I think that part of the decree said that dad had to buy school clothes and that was mom's chance to stick it to him. Or at least he thought so. One year she sent us up to him to do the shopping and I am pretty sure that he never complained again. That was the only year that most of our waredrobe didn't come from the disabled veterans store or the salvation army.

Curriculum: $500

Music lessons: $500

Uniforms and supplies: $150

Day time hugs and kisses and talks about "real" stuff: priceless:)

Wouldn't trade these years for the WHOLE WORLD, Bethy.


Shawn said...

Thanks, Chris, for your comment on my blog. Even though I did not know anyone at the time of my miscarriage that had experienced what I was going through, I know now that it is a very common occurrence. I cannot begin to imagine your sense of loss. I often wonder what it will be like to meet up with our children who have always only known heaven as their home. More days than not lately, I am praying, "Come, Lord Jesus, come!"
Blessings to you, sweet sister, Shawn

rthling said...

Oh crap! I started your post laughing, and ended up with a tear in my eye. Thanks.
So glad you have some answers. I know how frustrating the not knowing has been for you. Looking forward to it flying in full next year so our girls can do the school supply/uniform shopping extravaganza together.

My Goodness said...

Yay!! I'm glad things are looking up...and B will have a great time with her new routine! How exciting!!