Friday, August 15, 2008

Mid life Crisis

Today I had a job interview.

I hate job interviews. Hate having them. Hate giving them. Yuck. How much can you really get to know a complete stranger in an hour. (yes, it was an hour. that's good, right?)

So now it's three o'clock in the morning and I am rehashing everything that was said in the entire hour. Am I the only one who obsesses about this stuff?? They asked me to bring a list of references. Why didn't I have a list of references with me?? It's been years since I have done this so I am COMPLETELY, hopelessly out of practice. I've been under a rock, teaching my children for YEARS. They think I can do anything, but can I convince a man in a bow tie that I am invaluable? He doesn't care that I can fold the perfect t-shirt. or that I make a great apple pie. or that I can make a Yorkie pee on command. or make an 18 year old shake in his hundred-dollar sneakers.

So, as I am laying in bed reliving this hour of my life I suddenly realize... I left off three years of work experience from my resume. YIKES. what now? Do I redo the resume, break in to the office, and replace it with an updated copy?... (did I mention it was a bank?) Probably not a good idea. Do I redo the resume, admit that I am an airhead who doesn't remember 1996-1999, and hand it in with the references that I need to turn in tomorrow? Or do I forget the whole thing and hope that it doesn't look like I was hiding my time in upstate NY. (did I mention it was a bank?)

All that said, the family has been very supportive. When I got out of the shower to prepare for my interview, I found that Bethany had rearranged my bedroom into a beauty parlor, ala baby girl. When I got over the shock of standing naked in front of my 15 year old, I pulled it together, put on my big girl panties (literally), and sat down for the full treatment. She repainted my toes so I could wear my cute strappy pink flip flops. (can you wear flip flops to a job interview?) She then proceeded to "do" my hair and make up.

Side note: This is one of those "mommy" moments when you want to look at your child and say, "are you CRAZY? this is a very important job interview and mommy would feel MUCH more comfortable doing her own hair and make up." I mean, it was not that many years ago that Bethany "doing" my hair meant several colors of sparkly rubber bands and shiny clippies in various places on my head.

But, I chose to submit to the beautiful young lady before me who now does her own hair and makeup and though she knows her mommy well enough not to experiment too much, she did an outstanding job and I will treasure her encouragement in my heart in the place where I keep my most special memories.

Just as I was pulling out the drive to leave, she ran out the door, pulled open the door to my car, plopped onto the edge of the car door jam, snatched my hand with a flourish, and prayed for me. WOW! Is she amazing or what?

THAT'S what I was doing from 1996-1999.


rthling said...

I'll be packing Hailey's things and bringing her to you to raise from now on.
What do you mean you don't have time?
You are going to be starting a new job soon?
Hailey is so screwed.

My Goodness said...

I love this post...
True feelings about freak out job interviews...and handing yourself over to your teenager. I'm sure she DID do a fabulous job.

And I'm sure you had a fine interview...when will you know somehthing?

And that girl of sweet of her to think to come out and pray with you.

That would've ruined my makeup job that she worked so hard on!

HappyChristian said...

At least I know that no matter where we are in this world, I'll still have my friends hanging out here in blog world to talk to and ask the million's of ?'s about raising children.
P.S. I can so picture Bethany doing all of what you said, esp. praying with you. Good job.

Joanna said...

Move over on the re-hash bench. I'm still rolling coversations around in my head from years ago.