Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let's go Krogering

I hate my Kroger card. I find it insulting to my intelligence for them to force me to get a card in order to "save" money on my purchases. I mean, they give the card to just anyone. It's not like you have to pass a test or something. You don't have to have special cooking skills in order to get this card, you pretty much just have to be breathing. If the criteria for receiving this card is simply that I am a customer, then isn't the fact that I am standing in line with $300 worth of merchandise enough proof. I mean REALLY.

Does anyone actually believe that they are "saving" anything on that box of cereal that they just bought and then had to prove that they were a customer in order to get the special price. Come on... We all know that these prices are inflated so that we can feel good about being robbed.

It reminds me of a friend that I had at one time who told his wife that he spent $3000 on a stereo unit for their home. When she freaked out about this huge waste of capital, he calmly announced that it was really only $1500. Whew! Look how much I saved. whatever.

And then they had to go and get new computers (probably with all of the money that they made from the suckers who don't have a card:) and what do you know... It no longer has the count down telling how much I "earned" with my Kroger plus card. ARE YOU KIDDING!!! When I complained, the little checker boy said, "but ma'am, your savings is on your receipt." Riiiiiight. No, Sonny, I want to watch the count down on the COMPUTER SCREEN! There are so few true joys in life and Kroger has robbed me of that too, along with my Christmas club. I know that I am not the only one.

And someone please explain why we are now being accosted at the front of the store and directed to the correct line. I WANT TO PICK MY OWN LINE! If I make a mistake and choose a slow moving line, that's my problem... If I want to browse thru a copy of People magazine while I wait and then leave it on the shelf, then LEAVE ME ALONE. Maybe, just maybe, it is the only peaceful moment that I have had today and you come along and yank me out of line and put me where you want me. I actually got into a fight with some Nazi Kroger manager in Cordova because she wanted me to go into the 20 and under isle while I clearly had more than 20 items. I do not do that... Personal pet peeve, you know me and my rules:) The lady was very offended when I refused to submit to her direction. When did this become a communist country? I can check out anywhere I please, can't I????

What's next, mandatory valet parking?


rthling said...

Yes, and this lady in Wal-Mart hates me, because I refuse to sign the blank check I am turning over to her. I'm going to sign the receipt thingy and she's going to hand me back my check anyway, so what does she care? The only reason I am using a check in the first place is that it takes a few days to clear, unlike using a debit card which puts an immediate hold on the funds. Some of us like to shop the Wednesday before payday, don'tcha know.
And doesn't everybody know that you shoud NEVER sign a blank check??

Joanna said...

Oh don't get me started on the price hike only to have the "sale price" what it was orginally. Do they think we don't keep track?? Blah.

HappyChristian said...

:) Commissary lines are like that too, plus the checkers are usually very snotty (esp. if you have children with you), the bagger (which you are not allowed to deny using for some reason) work only for tips- off which several times all I had was like quarters, dimes, etc. and got a VERY ugly look. One guy even turned it down and said a few things under his breath as he walked away. If you don't have one to offer it's worse. That's why I don't shop there without Jeremy (or I send him an email with the needed items to come home from work with!)

My Goodness said...

Amen, sister!!'s late and your post has me fired up. I'm not sure I can sleep with all the hostility I've just acquired.