Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer visit - 2008

I am SO sneaky... I sent my dad an email with the picture of Bethany reading on her floaty in the pool and said "don'tcha need a break". IT WORKED! I can't believe it was that easy. He emailed me right back, said that that was a mean trick and asked if the end of August would work. I FEEL the power... Oh yeah:) I emailed him back just as quick, told him that he was WAY too easy and darn, I shoulda asked for cash:)

You just have to know that my dad is a workaholic... no wait I should have said he's a WORKAHOLIC. He and my mom have been divorced for 33 years and for just about that long Diane and I have been reduced to twice a year visits with every imaginable activity thrown into as small a period as possible. We have pretty much done every "kiddie" type thing in the Madison, WI area...including the Dells. These days he comes to us since there is one of him and eight of us, including the grandkids; but we still never quite get enough time. But, one picture and I have reeled him in. WOOHOO!

We like to call my dad a bottomless pit of useless information. He knows something about just about everything. Unfortunately, he doesn't know God. But I have been praying for him for years. And the truth is that that is the beauty about our God...freewill. Part of God's love for him is to give him the choice. I would like so much to MAKE him see the truth, but all that I can do is show His love and pray for His Spirit to shine, shine, shine. I try to spend our visits showing him that we are normal people (okay, some of us:) and not how the media likes to portray us. I hate to see people who subscribe to a creator being portrayed on television and movies and being too stupid or prejudiced to know better or as being secretly evil.

Bethany and I were just having this conversation about creation vs. evolution and I was glad to hear her so grounded on the facts. She has talked to her best friend who goes to public school about this and though she believes in creation, she really doesn't have the words to articulate this debate. Bethany says, "what about the second law of thermodynamics"... public school kid says, "WHAT?". Bethany, "you know, the law of science that says that nothing is being created or destroyed."... public school kid says, "WHAT?"

Okay, maybe she's more ready for the world than I give her credit for:)


Joanna said...

There are days I really, really don't like the whole free will thing. :(

My Goodness said...

Way to go on luring Dad here!!

And that Bethany...she's a smart one. I enjoyed spending time with the other day at your pool...I may have to hire her to babysit sometime! :)

rthling said...

Hey, who you callin' normal:-P