Monday, July 21, 2008

Home again, home again, jigitty jig

Woohoo!!!!!! I have returned from the land of the computer virus. Apparently Satan is a hacker, because that virus was straight from the pit. Thought we would never escape from the jaws of death:) It was a sneaky little booger, let me tell you. I kept getting this screen with the familiar little "microsoft-ish" looking logo telling me that I had contracted a growing number of scary infections and if I didn't purchase my antivirus software for a measly $49.95, I would be risking my entire system... who knows, maybe my very life was in danger. Even the font was scary looking. (can you HAVE a scary looking font??) In fact, the little number at the bottom of the screen telling me how many viruses had been detected was growing by the second. Was I fooled??? I WAS NOT:) tada! What, do I look like an idiot?? Don't answer that.

So, I am back to my blog page assuming that I must have piles of comments to moderate, but noooo. Nobody noticed I was missing. Whatever. I'm really writing for my own sanity so it doesn't really matter. Fact is, I spent the last week with "blog" thoughts rolling around in my brain. Kept thinking about stuff to write. Can't remember any of it now... figures.


Anonymous said...

I missed you. Though I didn't blog for almost a week myself, just checkedd blogs. I am glad you're back now, to be sure that I'm not the only one with crazy thoughts running thru my head! :)

rthling said...

I'm so glad you're back. I missed you. Cuz, you know, we never talk, and I never see you.
But it's not the same as bloggy world.

My Goodness said...

I noticed. I missed you!! Geez, give me some credit!!!

I got the same virus last week. Donald fixed it right up, so I didn't miss much time. Whew!

Glad you're back...and from now on, keep a blog journal with your post ideas. I don't do this, but it's a good idea, right? RIGHT!?!?