Sunday, July 13, 2008

God is speaking...

I was sitting in church today listening to a very good message when an ugly thought somehow managed to elude those pesky greeters and find its way to my seat. I know that I am supposed to be paying attention, taking notes, keeping my seatmate (sweet niece Hailey) from misbehaving and bringing the wrath of her mother down on us both, and hearing from God so I am really too busy to have a thought, but I am known for my multitasking... I digress.

I realized that I may have misled the multitudes of those reading my blog (notice the two or three comments I get per...hahaha) into thinking that I don't know that I am a frail and flawed human being. I said that I don't agree with the lie that I am a gossip. I did not say that I have never gossiped. The difference for me is that when I do say something to someone that is none of my business I am quickly and accurately targeted by the Holy Spirit and appropriately flogged. Don't like that too much, so I generally avoid this activity.

Just for the record, I do have a problem with anger. I am a hot blooded Irish girl with a penchant for throwing COLOSSAL temper tantrums...mostly in my mind. Many people (except maybe my kids:) will be surprised to know this because somewhere I also inherited my primarily introverted temperament. Can you imagine the war that goes on in my brain?? That's what the life time prescription for Nexium is for.

I also have little bit of an issue with sarcasm...I'd like to say that it's my spiritual gift except that I am pretty sure that Paul would not agree. Usually I keep my angry, sarcastic comments to myself or at least you have to be real close to me to hear me say them under my breath. My husband likes to repeat them out loud so everyone thinks that he is hysterical, but I would like to take this opportunity to take credit for whatever he says...unless it was about you.

I could go on and on revealing my deepest darkest flaws in an effort to dispel the notion that I think that I have the corner on righteousness, but I think you get the point...

Did I mention that I have a tendency to over analyze stuff?? And by the way, I was paying attention to the message... It was about God.


rthling said...

Notion dispelled.
Hey, can I get a witness about the temper thing-y! Unfortunately, my tantrums fall out of my mind, and seep out my mouth... usually.

Joanna said...

Spooky. Maybe we are related. I'm very fluent in sarcasm.