Friday, July 11, 2008

Character and characters

Soooo. I have been informed by a very reliable source that I am a gossip. I shall not mention the source of this information lest I give credence to this ridiculous notion. Okay, let me try this on............ I.AM.A.GOSSIP. hmmmm.

Let me give my conscience time to prove this to me.............. Nope, just don't see it.

Interestingly enough, I truly can't stand a gossip. I have actually been known over the years to offend friends and/or family members at my attempt to covertly (or outrightly) change the subject when someone else's business creeps into the conversation. I have even been known to leave the room, turn on the television, plug my ears and say lalalalalala. Don't get me wrong, I have not always been successful at my true desire to not hear what you read when no one is looking or the language that you use with your children when you are in the privacy of your home or how many times you have REALLY been married. I confess, sometimes the information just pours out the person sitting at the table in front of me before I have time to shove my napkin in my ears and I do not feel up to the I-forgot-I-was-speaking-to-Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes reaction that I get it I call it what it is. GOSSIP.

Why do I despise a gossip?? After all it is sort of a national pastime. It really should be considered an Olympic Sport the way I've seen it played in my day. The problem is that I figure that anybody who will talk to me about so&so, will talk to so&so about me...and that's just not cool.

But then it gets sticky. Where exactly is the line. I mean if the girl sitting next to me in choir tells me that the lady two rows down from us with a glass of water is really drinking antifreeze, well then that is pretty cut and dried...GOSSIP. None of my business.

But, if I am going thru an emotional life change or had a fight with my dog and I talk to my sister/best friend or my spiritual mentor (both of whom I trust with my inner stuff) or even my own mother, does this constitute gossip?

I mean if we want to define gossip as telling anyone anything then we are all in trouble on some level. Even my husband and he doesn't tell anybody anything...not even me sometimes:) (Oops!!! Did I just blow it?) Am I only allowed to tell my "stuff" to a therapist, cause I am pretty sure that I am gonna need one at this rate. Is the line that defines gossip "that which is told to someone that we pay to unload to" cause if that's the case I would be glad to take my sister out to dinner or something... Lord knows I probably owe her that.

Funny thing that I have noticed is that the gossip police have been known to tell a few tales of their own on a fairly regular basis. In fact, I have learned all kinds of stuff I really didn't want to know at THEIR kitchen to speak. But, when it is brought to their attention that this information could be construed as gossip suddenly I am the bad guy and they have some very important reason why this information MUST be told.

Could someone please tell me EXACTLY what is and is not considered gossip because clearly I am not the one to define it...and neither are unnamed people I know.

Oh...and by the way, does this mean that we need to shut down this whole blogging thing???

PS...oh, and for the record...people PLEASE stop telling me stuff. I simply CANNOT be trusted!


rthling said...

You are SO much funnier when you are mad.
I definitely think we should start the trend of stuffing napkins in our ears. It would be fun to try to explain. And in lieu of dinner, cash is accepted or you may make your check out to Diane Thoma....

Joanna said...

I have no clue what to tell ya. I've been on both ends and I try really hard not to step in it. However since I tend to stick my foot in my mouth (a lot) I haven't been too successful. Good luck!

Kelli said...

Oh the dreaded gossip!!!! Is it just me, or does gossip seem to lurk in churches and around Christian people more than elswhere?