Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bed time antics

Funny thing happened on the way to bed last night... I was in my bathroom doing nighttime routine stuff when Hubby spewed a coca-cola type concoction (ice and all) around the corner and onto the floor. Now, just for the record he doesn't usually spray beverages all over the house, so I was curious. I responded with something polite like, "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!!!!!" I mean, maybe he was having a stroke or something equally horrendous which was sure to ruin my night. Oh no, he said, "I just didn't want to drink something with a FLY CRAWLING ON MY TONGUE!" Apparently said fly was skinny dippin in his coke zero. Imagine this poor fly's surprise when a giant man poured him into his mouth and then spat him to the floor.

Kind of reminds me of the kiddy joke about the customer asking the waiter "what is this fly doing in my soup?"...waiter says, "the back stroke, sir".

I guess that I should mention when hubby came back to bed with a fresh glass it was lemonade. I guess he figured that insects don't like citrus drinks.


My Goodness said...

You must not have gotten the memo...the one that warns people everywhere that that's just what flies WANT us to do. Take them for a wild ride into our mouths and then spew them out. It's their adrenaline rush...equivalent to our bungee jumping.

Geez, David, you should've known!

Joanna said...

Ick! Brave man for going for another drink. I would have boiled my tongue and then would have attempted to rinse it with bleach.

rthling said...

Oooo, I want to go skinny dippin' in a coke zero! I bet all those bubbles are fun!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA, yeah, um, not sure what else to say, but ya'll sure add a smile to my life! So, thank you.