Friday, July 25, 2008

153 shopping days until Christmas

The other day I went Cracker Barrel to browse the sidewalk sale and spend some gas money on a nifty little rooster lamp that I have had my eye on and there it was...the fall merchandise. As I stood there drooling over the thanksgiving platters and napkin holders and candles I started to feel the excitement. I LOVE the holidays. From Labor day to the New Year is the best time of the year. Actually, I sort of vary from the pits of despair (see article on perfectionism...and the inability to quite achieve it) to the elation of the perfect gifts for my kids and the excuse to turn my house into a magazine cover. The entire month of October I anxiously wait until I give myself permission to get out the pumpkins and turkeys and the harvest potpourri. I really try to hold off until at least mid October, because after 6 weeks or so the decorations sort of lose their magic... By then, they are just something else to dust.

I am not really into jack o'lanterns and Halloween, but I have accumulated quite a collection of pumpkins and fall "greenery". This year I have a new house, so I have spent months since we moved here figuring out where all of the decor belongs. I am gonna have to bribe my brother to put in a new cable outlet because the Christmas tree goes when the tv is now... pretty doggone inconvenient if you ask me. Good thing he owns a cable installation business and he is always a sucker for a home cooked meal. Some home made mounds bars or pumpkin pie and he is putty in my hands:)

Previous house had freakishly steep rooftops so outside decorating was kept at a minimum. The one year that I talked Brother (did I mention that he's about 6'6" and has the good ladders because of his cable business and that he's cheap?) into putting Christmas lights onto that house, I had to request them to come down as a birthday gift...My birthday is in APRIL! I never made THAT mistake again. But, this house is older and more of a ranch style so the roof peaks are alot more manageable. I may be able to handle the lights myself, but why do that while I still have slave labor (I mean children) at home.

It's time to buy school supplies and send the kiddies off to school. No wait, mine stays home and we are still doing the 2007-08 school year... oh poop. never mind. I hate being off schedule and frankly it is starting to wear on her, too. She and I are both having a little attitude problem... She because she is ALWAYS doing school and me because she is NEVER doing enough school. We can't both be right, and since we are behind I am pretty sure that I have the proof. HA! I hate being right sometimes.

Once again time is flying and I am mourning the loss of it. Diane and I went to see Mamma Mia and when Meryl Streep sang to her daughter while she was dressing her for her wedding I bawled my eyes out. So not looking forward to that... In the mean time I have officially bought my first Christmas gift. Yippee! Maybe I'll be ready in time this year:)


rthling said...

I hear the brother type person also likes meatloaf ;-)
I always wanted to do the outdoor type decorating at Christmas, but don't really have the money to do it right, like I'd like to. So I just pretend I hate Christmas and don't bother. (okay, you and I know that isn't true.)
And I think your half of the attitude problem is why you don't know what to do this year. If you ask me, I think you are burned out. And that's okay. Maybe it's just that time. I think I'll continue on until I reach that point as well. I don't want my kids to suffer because I am really done.
And what'd you do, count the days??? Thanks for the reminder. No pressure.

Anonymous said...

We jst "officially" ended our 07/08schoolyear last Monday and my poor children have to start the 08/09 school year this Monday! :) I'm actually trying to get ahead of myself before we take a short reunion/readjustment break. (plus, the children cannot be left to their own for too long, after only 4 days off they were ready to kill each other) can you say " strict schedule here we come!?"
Oh hey- do you know a good peanut butter balls recipe? I am sooooo in the mood for them and I have no idea how to make them. Let me know

Joanna said...

Now was that title really necessary?? :)

I have hit MAJOR burnout. Y'all got any hints on how to get over it? I'm stressing as a new year is coming up and I gave up on the last year. Halp.

My Goodness said...

I got weepy during that song I skip it on the soundtrack I have. I just can't take it!

You will have so much fun decorating a new place this year, yay!!