Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday musings...part 2

More stuff from the floor in Brian's room:)

I close my eyes in prayer tonight
And plead with my Father and Lord
to remove from me this thorn in my side
This sickness that flows from my core.

How do I escape the thorn of my sin?
This curse of all mankind?
Is there no way for me to win,
but to leave this world behind?

And when I cried that the fight was too hard
that is when You said to me,
"It doesn't matter where you are,
My grace is sufficient for thee."

Wish the other stuff on the floor was this pretty:)


My Goodness said...


That's awesome.

rthling said...

Once I heard someone suggest that the thorn in Paul's flesh was a sin that had a stronghold. It really made me think. Never thought of sins being thorns. But where better to learn the grace of God than constant rescue from a stronghold.
Thanks, I needed this right now.