Friday, June 20, 2008

Poker night

It's Friday night and here I am...all alone. Hubby has poker night with some guys from church a couple of nights a month. No money, just a bunch of guys sitting around some one's kitchen table eating munchies and having guy time. He took Brian tonight and Bethany is over at a friend's watching movies. Soooo, it's just me and the dogs. Good news is that I get the remote:) Just felt a little itch to come and check my email accounts and do a little blogging while the DVR is paused on dateline. (because I NEVER get to watch that!)

The kids are leaving for youth camp on Monday, so we have been doing laundry and getting packed for their trip. My kitchen is currently overflowing with suitcases and bedding in preparation for the joyous occasion. The kids have worked like busy little bees getting my list of "requirements" finished before they head out. I think that I have milked it to its limit, though. The good news is that I will have a freshly cleaned house to enjoy for the few days of peace that I am allowed a year. Brian even did the yard today and almost finished the weeds in the front flower beds. For those of you driving by, don't look too closely...he really hates weeding.

Brian is jobless at the moment, so he is doing yard work to pay for his car insurance. He is not too happy about having to "pay" this week since he is going to be out of town and not doing any driving. I have been telling him for years that grown up life is really stinky sometimes, but he is just getting the gist himself. Sometimes kids grow up with this silly notion that grown ups get to do whatever they want whenever they want and with whomever they want to do it. I know I do:) Imagine his surprise when he starting working a real job this year and I started making him buy his own phone minutes and pay for his own car insurance and buy gas and stuff. YIKES! "you mean I can't spend MY money that I earned on whatever I want to buy???", he says. "Duh", I say..."Welcome to big boy world!!"

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My Goodness said...

I always had to pay my own car insurance...and buy my own stuff. If I wanted shampoo other than what my dad bought, I bought it myself...all of my toiletries really.

Great job teaching responsibility!