Saturday, June 7, 2008

Date night at Walmart

It's Saturday, so hubby and I decided that we wanted to test our sanity at Walmart. I never go on the weekends because it is just crazy there, but I have had the little kids all week this week and haven't had a chance to get there.

The checker lady was very friendly. I am not sure if she was working on her material for "last comic standing" or if she just thought my husband was hot, but she was very chatty and I was getting cranky because I had just risked my life for a box of velveeta. I really wanted to go. NOW. We bought a movie and my husband was hoping for the alarm to sound on the way out so we could run (I mean walk really fast) to our car while the person who guards the door chased us into the parking lot. I am not too big on this game, but if it makes him happy who am I to argue?

After 21 years of marriage this constitutes a date... mostly because by the time we get home we are too tired to do anything else. When we got home, Brian had cut the grass. How's that for service? I guess we should feed him today.

Speaking of feeding, I put the dogs on a new feeding schedule. Truly is 9 lbs and if you know anything about Yorkies, she should be somewhere in the neighborhood of about 5-7 lbs. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but I read in a magazine this week that on a yorkie, every pound overweight is like 30 lbs to you and me. On top of that, Zoe is done nursing and I am trying to help her dry up her milk. She has ALOT of milk. She doesn't even need us to rub her belly right now; all she has to do is walk across the living room. Vet says "restrict her diet". So, two adult yorkies on a diet at my house...yeah! Let's just say that they are not too happy. Zoe is normally a very happy dog but today she is following me around the house giving me the expectant look that she does when I have forgotten to do something...This look immediately causes me to drop what I am doing and check food and water dishes and let her out. I can't really explain that look, but dog owners will know:) Truly, my little Eeyore, is moping around here like she is confused about what she did to receive such treatment. She tends to be the depressed one, hides under the bed and such, unless you have a ball of some kind. Whenever I can't find her all I have to do is bounce a tennis ball in the kitchen. Works every time. I can't wait to know Schatzi's personality. In the mean time, the big girls are scoping the house looking to score. Dad put down a box of chicken nuggets and came back in the kitchen for some tea...stupidhead. Let's just say they left the box:)

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rthling said...

Hey, so in Yorkie weight, I'm only 4 pounds overweight. I can deal with that!